The Firm

Field Creek invests its own capital in each of its transactions and will typically invest alongside a select group of co-investors. To maintain maximum flexibility in its investment approach, the firm neither maintains nor manages a fund. Instead, each transaction is financed discernibly through the firm’s contacts based on the particular needs of each situation. The firm also will consider acquiring minority positions and as such will look to co-invest in opportunities led by other, similarly focused investors.

Field Creek takes the approach that each transaction is unique, presenting its own set of needs, opportunities and challenges. The firm thus looks to work with management and owners to construct a transaction which addresses these unique circumstances. This flexible approach can among other things include full or partial liquidity to current owners, broader equity participation for key employees, and a transition plan which is implemented over time.

Field Creek also takes the approach of honoring each firm’s unique legacy while, at the same time, assisting the company as it enters into new stages of growth and development. Consistent with this, Field Creek believes that day-to-day management of each business is best left with its managers and/or owner-managers. Field Creek instead looks to add value and assist businesses in achieving success by focusing on areas such as strategic planning and review, finance, executive and board recruitment, and acquisitions.


Size: Though not exclusive, but for established companies, typically those with recurring revenues between $2 Million and $40 Million. The firm will also invest in one-off opportunities such as orphaned trademarks and brands, other such assets, and also in Seed/Series A financings.
Geography: Domestic United States
Structure/Type: The firm will invest in a wide array of transactions, including MBO’s, LBO’s, recapitalizations, and growth financings.
Industries/Other: Though a generalist, the firm typically avoids pure technology and pure commodity businesses.

Field Creek Capital LLC (“FCC”) is not a broker/dealer, is not a finder, is not an investment adviser and does not underwrite, sell or trade securities- -the firm does not explicitly or implicitly seek or accept any of these duties. Rather the firm, for its own behalf only, looks primarily to invest in and/or acquire small, privately held businesses. The firm does not manage a fund but invests its own capital in each of its transactions and will typically invest alongside a select group of co-investors. Nothing herein should be construed as an offer, or in any way a commitment, to invest by FCC, its officers, employees, affiliates or any potential co-investors. Any such offer or commitment would be subject to the execution of definitive agreements, among other conditions.